50% of firms expect advisory fees to exceed More Than half of total fees within 3 years.

Being part of the CAS Club will help you accelerate your firm’s growth in advisory fees and deliver the very best for your clients and give firms the support they need to get there.

Create Advisory Opportunities

CAS Club is a members-only, advisory focused, high-level club for accounting professionals who are serious about satisfying clients wants and needs through advisory-led services.

Founded by John Thompson, ‘The Advisory Guy’ and Martin Bissett, the Advisor to the Advisors, CAS Club emerged from the notable success of the premier Complete Advisory Solution (CAS) software framework, trusted by thousands of accounting professionals. CAS Club is your opportunity get serious and take your advisory services to the next level.

OpenCAS membership is the entry level membership and is FREE to join.

As an OpenCAS member, you gain access to a wealth of resources, including an invitation to a quarterly online meeting online, the CAS Roundup monthly email plus a one-to-one mentoring call. Higher paid levels of CAS membership are available which includes, along with a range of supportive resources, one to one board level advisory consultancy.

CAS Complete Advisory Solution is the Premier Software Framework for the delivery of Client Advisory Services with Prospecting Apps, Onboarding Apps, Personal and Business Planning Apps, and Performance Improvement Apps which is available free of charge as part of CAS Club to paid members only.

Why CAS Club? Following the results of a CAS survey conducted across accounting firms in the UK in 2023, we discovered that more than 50% of those firms expected advisory fees to make up more than half of their firm’s total fees within 3 years.

Whilst this is an admirable notion, the reality of achieving that goal is a challenging one. Facing this challenge alone can be daunting and difficult. Being part of the CAS Club will help you accelerate your growth in advisory fees and deliver the very best for your clients and give firms the support they need to get there.

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What Exactly is CAS Club?

CAS Club with John Thompson, the Advisory Guy and Martin Bissett, The Advisor to the Advisors

Who is in CAS Club?

CAS Club has helped over 5,000 accounting firms through it’s software over the last 10 years. Some of the firms CAS has worked with include: 

Sanders partnership

What Our Members Say

Here’s how the ‘advisory penny’ dropped for one of our members.

Jan runs her own small Midlands-based firm. She had an ‘ah-ha’ moment after witnessing tears of joy from one of her clients. Jan didn’t think that she had done anything clever but the reality was that she had helped transform her client’s life and business with her regular meetings.

She said, “I get it, it’s about helping clients by focusing on what they want, on their priorities and then what we think they need.

Jan now uses social media posts to touch the nerves of what really matters to people. One post asked, “Have you got enough money to pay your tax bill?” The number of responses was remarkable.

And the follow up meetings generated client after client.

Using simple, yet highly impactful questions, resulted in ‘paid for’ plans and regular client conversations which led to progress for the clients and lots of extra fees for Jan. Her clients felt heard and understood and valued.

This insight was a pivotal shift for Jan’s firm and so began her firm’s evolution into more than being a service provider and instead into the role of a trusted advisor dedicated to guiding clients towards their financial aspirations.

This is advisory.

Advisory is not just about numbers but about focusing down on what the clients really really want.

You too can shift, with the support of OpenCAS, into doing more paid for advisory.

What Has CAS Generated for Accountants so Far?

The Complete Advisory Solution (CAS) has, since inception, generated for the firms who use CAS:

Number of SME Firms Helped
Total fees generated for practices
£ 0
New Clients Gained

What are the benefits of joining CAS Club?

Better Clients

Confidently deliver advisory services to new and existing clients
Fill your pipelines with better quality new prospect clients


Tap into the experience of advisory experts
Access to advisory experts to guide and support you


Achieve commercial targets whilst profitably supporting clients
Accelerate your commercial goals with higher profitability


Access to the CAS software
Gain access to CAS software to support your advisory efforts

Peer Support

Gain valuable insight from other accounting professionals
Share advisory practices in a safe space with other professionals

New Business

Identify and effectively convert new quality leads
Gain better leads through effective prospecting

What's Included in OpenCAS?

Free entry-level for new CAS Club members


CAS CLUB Advisory Online
Online gatherings every quarter to support your advisory work. Learn from the experts and from other accounting professionals.

CAS Advisory Roundup
A monthly roundup of advisory insight plus key events, podcast interviews, social posts and accounting news.

One to One Advisory Call
You are invited to a one to one advisory mentoring call to find out and discuss challenges when it comes to delivering advisory to your clients and within your firm.

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CAS Club operates with three levels of offering. All new CAS Club members start with free membership. 


Free Entry-Level Membership
  • Quarterly online group advisory call
  • One to one advisory discovery call

What Our Members Say

CAS has enabled me to refocus my business towards Advisory.

CAS is great for winning and onboarding new clients.

CAS is magic

- just magic!

We've looked everything and CAS is simply the best!

A group of people who belong to CAS Club

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